With more than 800,000 members, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) remains to be the largest Internet Marketing Community in the world. Its affiliates continuously boast of how WA has helped them earn thousands of dollars right from the comforts of their homes.

So, how much can you earn through Wealthy Affiliate? The answer is simple – as much money as you want! The sky is your limit. But just like in any other business or income venture, you must work hard for it. Someone who dedicates hours to crafting their business is more likely to get better results than someone who only gives it an hour.

Remember, success in affiliate marketing does not come overnight. It requires knowledge, strategy and consistent effort to make significant revenue. Below are some success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members that are worth reading to give you a glimpse of how much money you can make. Remember its not if, but how long it will take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate

Some Success Stories in 2019

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You’ll find it close to impossible to earn thousands in a short period. If you’re struggling from paycheck to paycheck, then you might want to reconsider joining. You must recognize that earning in Wealthy Affiliate takes time; you’ll first have to build your brand and attract traffic.

One thing that the stories have in common is that they all have experienced some kind of failure before emerging on the other side.

Here are some Wealthy Affiliate success stories in 2019 that you can learn from:

EddySalomon finally hit a five-figure income last August and earned $10,640,56. He operates a blog called Work at Home No Scams. He already experienced this type of success before but almost lost all of it because he veered away from the teachings of Wealthy Affiliate. The deviation led to a massive drop in traffic for his website which nearly wiped out his income.

Eddy said that he almost gave up. Luckily, Kyle and Carson, the co-founders of WA, reached out to him and helped him come back. He then began to write content again and applied what was taught in the training. Today, his earnings continue to grow.

CraigUKTV earned his first $1,000-month last March. He talks about how persistence pays when building an online business from scratch. He got frustrated when the Google Review Stars from his posts started to disappear from the search results. The traffic from his page went down because of it.

Craig did not let that instance bring him down. Instead, he continued to write quality content to his site. Eventually, his Review Stars went back!

Dylanrieger has sold his website for $40,000! In March, Dylan was curious of his site’s worth and had it evaluated. He thought it was valued at only $25,000 and was delighted to find out that his site was worth more than that. He couldn’t pass on the $40,000 offer so he decided to sell his website.

That gave him a good amount of money to invest in future websites. He advised other bloggers to mix in some content on their posts for their blogs.

RD40 went from a total of $0 in earning for 2016, to $10,454.41 from January to June of 2018! As a new affiliate marketer in 2016, Ralph did not consider himself much of a writer. But instead of being disheartened, he used the time to learn how to become a better blogger and researched topics that people were interested to read.

His advice to his fellow affiliates is to follow WA’s training and to not be afraid of making mistakes. He said that he learned a lot when things were not going well because it forced him to fix the issues he had at hand.

Littlemama is bound to hit her $5,000 goal! Her income from her site in August was $4,931 despite the lack of new sales during the start of her month.

She plans to create a new sales funnel for her existing site and launch a new website to achieve her monthly goal. She said that she still has a lot of things to learn and continues to watch the pieces of training that WA provides.

As you can see, earnings can vary from one person to another. It all depends on your goal and the actions you are taking to achieve it. You need to be committed to making things work. Like most of the successful affiliate marketers, you could not let a simple setback draw your attention away from your goals